Never quit, never lie, never apologize

movies, reading, buying books, giraffes, staying inside on rainy days, sleeping, listening to loud music, changing my hair colour, messing with people, dinosaurs, being single, chillaxing, pokémon, Sam Winchester's hair, texting, mudcakes, writing, hot dwarves, playing Sims 2 for eight hours straight, cows, cycads and palm trees

cooking, being outside on rainy days, loud people, couples, jelly fishes, bad hair days, people speaking with baby voices, brushing my teeth, sugarfree candy, people with no sense of humor, summer and doing laundry

25 years old. Always angry. No respect for my hair. She/her. Vegetarian. Bisexual. Ravenclaw. Living with two guinea pigs named Bofur and Nori, and lots of plants.
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